Volunteers | Irancy


The Saint Vincent wouldn't take place without the help of its Volunteers. Organised into commissions, here are some images taken throughout the year:

The flower workshop:

_MGS6963 copie_MGS6973 copie_MGS6998 copie_MGS6988 copie

The Mannequin workshop:

_MGS6772 copie_MGS6805 copie_MGS6806 copie

The Soup kitchens:

_MGS7114 copie_MGS7121 copie_MGS7142 copie_MGS7132 copie

The Paint Shop:

_MGS6938 copie_MGS6950 copie_MGS6943 copie

The think tank otherwise known as "the committee' :

_MGS8835 copie_MGS7155 copie