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David Renaud

11, chemin des fossés 89290 IRANCY Tél : 03 86 42 27 39 Fax : 03 86 42 27 39
Presentation :
Domaine Renaud is a family run business which has been present in Irancy for several...

Thierry Richoux

Thierry et Corine Richoux
73, rue Soufflot 89290 Irancy Tél :
Presentation :
The relationship between the vineyard and wine is our year long passion.It is a family passion that dates back to the...

William et Nathalie CHARRIAT

[vr]69, Rue Soufflot 89290 Irancy Tél : 03 86 42 22 21 cavecharriat@orange.fr[/vr] [spacer] Family run production installed in IRANCY for over four centuries and handed down from father to son. As was often the case in the past, wine production was only a part (2.5 Ha) of a farming enterprise which included many other activities. It was in 1970...