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Stéphanie Colinot Durup

89290 IRANCY Tél : Fax : www.irancy-colinot.fr vin@irancy-colinot.fr Presentation : Family run domain, descendants of the famous Soufflot family. Owners of 12.5 hectares in some of the best vineyrds of Irancy (Palotte, les Mazelots, Côte du Moutier, Boudardes …). Traditional vinfication with feminine touch of Pinot Noir and César. César is the ancestral heirtage of Irancy wines dating back...

Guilhem et Jean Hughes Goisot

30,Rue Bienvenu-Martin 89530 Saint Bris Le vineux Tél :
www.goisot.com jhetg.goisot@cerb.cernet.fr
Presentation :
Family domain based in the village of Saint-Bris 4km from Irancy. Our objective is to cultivate our wines of Saint-Bris and Irancy respecting both tradition and environment. All of our domain wines are produced using certified Oragnic and Bio-Dynamic methods...

Benoit Cantin

35 chemin des fossés 89290 IRANCY Tél : 03 86 42 21 96 www.cantin-irancy.com cantin.benoit@orange.fr Vineyards on the sloping hillsides surrounding Irancy are planted on limestone subsoils known as 'kimmeridgian':  fossilised oyster seabeds formed during the upper-jurasic period. Orientation south/south-east/south west. Wind exposure from the west and south west only. This combination of orientation and excellent soil type creates a...

Isabelle et Christophe Ferrari

7 Chemin des Fossés
Présentation :
Christophe FERRARI exploite actuellement 14 hectares de vignes à IRANCY et à CHABLIS. Son exploitation, le DOMAINE SAINT-GERMAIN, est située sur les promenades d’IRANCY et elle est facilement accessible. La cave...

Franck Givaudin

Sentier de la bergère 89290 IRANCY Tél : 03 86 42 20 67 Fax : 03 86 42 54 33
Presentation :
Family run business of 10 hectares of vines within the appelation of Irancy where we...