The menu for the Saint-Vincent

The menu for the Saint-Vincent

We couldn't let you come to Irancy without offering you something special to warm your cockles and absord the alchohol on a cold January day.

There will be 14 points of restauration dotted around the village. Restaurant vouchers will be sold at the main points of sale. Use your vouchers to purchase the following:


• Potage de légumes fait maison par les dames d'Irancy (Home made Vegetable Soup)
• Escargots de Bourgogne (Burgundy Snails)
• Œufs meurettes au vin d'Irancy (Poached eggs in Irancy red wine sauce)
• Boudin avec frites ou purée (Black Pudding with choice of fries or mash)
• Duck Parmentier
• Andouillette/Jambon braisé avec frites ou purée (Andouillette suasage/Braised Ham with choice of fries or mash)
• Burger de canard au foie gras (Duck Burger with Foie Gras)
• Assiette de Fromages (Cheese Platter)
• Crêpes (Pancakes)
• Gaufres (Waffles)
• Café gourmand (Coffee & cake)


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